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The Climate Change Advisory Group (CCAG) will be producing a series of report. You can find access them all from the list below. 

CCAG Extreme Weather Events in the Arctic and Beyond

July 2021

CCAG Extreme Weather Events in the Arctic and Beyond: A Global State of Emergency

It is difficult to explain the severity of the recent extreme floods in Europe and the heatwaves in North America merely with the additional heat and moisture in the climate system caused by 1.2°C of global warming. It cannot be excluded that the rapid warming and melting in the Arctic has triggered additional changes in how our weather works, explaining the extremity of these extremes. The effects of human-caused climate warming are especially pronounced in the Arctic, with devastating consequences for people and ecosystems in the region and well beyond the Arctic. The global impacts of Arctic warming will be felt first and foremost in our weather systems as well as sea level rise.

The Arctic region is warming faster than anywhere else on the planet, resulting in rapid and irreversible sea ice loss as well as loss from the Greenland ice sheet. 

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